Google Ads

See Better Google Ads ROI With Us

Paid search marketing with Google Ads is one of the crucial components of nearly all the successful performance-based marketing programs to achieve digital marketing goals. Remember that your potential customers are highly searching for your products or services. If you are not showcasing up on the right keywords with the right message and landing page that you may miss out. For any business, crafting the great Google Ads program that will deliver on all the necessary elements is no small effect, and with no expertise, guidance can obviously lead to frustration and expense with fewer results.

A Reliable Google Ad Specialist For Your Business

Vishwanair is one of the efficient and skilled professionals who can handle Google Ads. With years of experience, we can bring out the best results with the campaign we are involved in. We have worked with a lot of businesses, and this brought us an intense understanding of the challenges we have with nature and converting qualified leads. We offer a wide range of Google Ads services that will be perfectly suitable where you obtain the necessary clicks, drive a significant amount of traffic, and convert them into valuable long-term clients. Here are some of the services we offer.

  • Expert strategy planning and execution for the campaign with intense competitors’ analysis.
  • We create and optimize that will work well on the digital domain
  • We work on ROI measurement and optimization tips for the success of the campaigns.
  • We know the significance of the keywords, and we carry out the in-depth keyword discovery.
  • For all ongoing campaigns, we track and monitor the performance
  • As we regularize the campaign, we progress reporting as well.
  • As a Google ads specialist, we offer advanced campaign consulting, which includes geo-targeting and dayparting as well.
  • Back and CRM integration and reporting.
  • Discovering the new market and the medium opportunities to make the campaign even more successful

Our Approach

When it comes to Google advertising, we need a clear plan, and this is how we approach it.

Brand and strategy review

We start after having the keyword list and an in-depth understanding of the brand and industry.

Campaign structure and keywords list creation

We use the industry-leading tool and organize the AdWords campaign and ad group structures with the SKAG.

Write Ad copy and extensions

We have a team of copywriters who can write the copy that will increase the quality score, decrease the cost per click and irrelevant clicks.

Landing pages

We create the landing pages that will have the best design, messages, and offers to the best results.

Track and report

With deep analytics and data-driven insights, we keenly monitor the performance of the ad and produce the period reports.

Why do you still wait to take up the best strategy for your marketing? We are the right PPC services you can approach for! Visit us to have a quick consultation today!